Virginia Men's Gymnastics
2013-14 Qualifying Procedures
2013-14 State and Regional qualifying scores have now been posted.

State Qualification

Regional Qualification

National Qualification
2014 J.O. National Qualifying Procedures.  Coming Soon.

2014 J.O. National Championships Schedule, May 7-11, 2014.   Coming Soon.

Qualifying scores TBD  (expected to be announced in early March)

All boys must be pre-registered with the state and have paid the state assesment fee.  

Must compete in at least one sanctioned meet in the state of Virginia.

Must achieve a qualifying score in at least one sanctioned meet in Virginia.

2014 State Championship Qualifying Scores 
     Level 4   -   45.0
      Level 5   -   44.0
      Level 6   -   44.0
      Level 7   -   42.0
      Level 8-10   -   No qualifying score

To qualify for the Region VII Championships, a gymnast much achieve the following qualifying score at the State Championships:

Compulsory Regionals:
     Level 5   -   46.0
     Level 6   -   47.0

Optional Regionals (JO Athletes):
    Level 7   -   43.0
     Level 8   -   60.0
     Level 9   -   63.0
     Level 10 -                   
        Age 15-16 -    66.0         
        Age 17-18 -    67.0        

          * Note for Level 10 JO Athletes only:  Any gymnast who does not qualify for Regionals by AA score, but finishes in the top 6 on an event at the State Championhips, qualifies for that event only and may compete in that event only at the Regional Championships.  (is smilar to how specialists may qualify to JO Nationals this year.) 

Optional Regionals (JE Athletes):
      Level 8 (Age 11-12)
      Level 9 (Age 13-14)
      Level 10 (Age 15-18)

          Any athlete who performs the Technical Sequences on 6 events at their State Championships automatically qualifies for the Regional Championships.  Optional routines do not need to be performed at the State Competition for JE athletes.